Stop Erdogan! November 13th! Protest at The White House

Stop Erdogan November 13 protest flyer

President Erdogan of Turkey is coming to Washington, DC. It is time to stand together & oppose Erdogan’s attack on Northern Syria, Rojava. His plan of ethnic cleansing in Syria has already displaced hundreds of thousands of Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Yazidi, Armenian & Christian peoples, killed thousands of people with many more wounded.

The ethnically diverse, egalitarian, feminist, religiously inclusive, secular and democratic society that defeated ISIS in Syria needs help to resist Erdogan’s mounting war crimes. Do not let him create ISIS 2.0.

Women & men of the Syrian Democratic Forces, YPG & YPJ have courage but need more against Turkey’s F-16s & Erdogan’s proxy army of jihadists & mercenaries! As we saw in Afrin, a No Fly Zone is needed!


Stop Erdogan November 13 protest flyer
Stop Erdogan November 13 protest flyer


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Stop Erdogan 11-13-2019 Afrin March

Stop Erdogan 11-13-2019 YPJ

Stop Erdogan 11-13-2019 YPG & YPJ

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